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If you are suffering from a Medical Emergency please call 000. Do NOT use online bookings Online Bookings are for routine non urgent appointments. Please note some of our doctors are very busy and are unable to accept new patients with complex medical needs. If you are not sure, Please discuss with reception staff. Please call the practice if you need  a vaccination,a procedure,a  mental/health plan,a medical or paperwork It is important to ring us if you or your child has a rash OR been exposed to an infectious disease Bulk billing is available with a valid concession card or More

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Yellow Fever Vaccine

  If you are travelling to Africa, the Caribbean, Central or South America, you should be aware of the risk of yellow fever virus transmission and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from infection. Yellow fever is a viral disease that is transmitted primarily by mosquitoes. Yellow fever can lead to serious illness and even death. It is called ‘yellow fever’ because in serious cases, the skin turns yellow in colour. This is known as ‘jaundice’. Yellow fever is a quarantinable disease in Australia. If you have travelled through a yellow fever declared country, and you do not have More

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   If you have symptoms like chronic cough, wheeze, shortness of breath, or if you have been a smoker for a while and concerned about your health or if there is a family history of asthma and allergies then you may benefit from the spirometry. Spirometer is a very useful device, it is used to measure timed expired and inspired volumes, and from these we can calculate how effectively and how quickly the lungs can be emptied and filled. It is usually performed by the practice nurse and interpreted by one of our doctors. These measurements can indicate the condition More

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Emily Roberts Pharmacy

Opening Hours : MON- FRI : 9am -6pm ,   SAT :  9am-12pm. Emily Roberts Amcal Pharmacy is located in front of the clinic. The pharmacy provides a variety of services in collaboration with the clinic so that our patients can receive the best medical care and follow up. A special service the pharmacy provides is ” Home Medication Review “ : With a referral from one of our doctors , the pharmacist will come to your home, review your medication regimen, and provide a report to the doctor who will then work with you, your pharmacist, and possibly other members More

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Dorevitch Pathology

Opening Hours : MON & WED   : 9am -12pm . Onsite pathology collection for most of the requested investigations is both very essential and convenient for patient care and provides fast access to results which assists in early diagnosis and management of many health conditions. To check the results of investigations requested by our doctors please call the clinic between 1-2 pm. ECG Testing available.

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