Skin Cancer Clinic

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. At least two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. Over 1,000 Australians are treated for skin cancer every day and over 1,830 Australians die from skin cancer each year. In Victoria alone, 401 people die from skin cancer (316 from melanoma and 85 from non melanoma skin cancer) each year – that is many more than Victoria’s annual road toll. The major cause of skin cancer is exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and other artificial sources, More

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Travel Medicine

If you are planning to travel to  overseas ( Asia, Africa, Peru, Vietnam, South America ) or just outback Australia; wherever your destination, It is advised that you book an appointment to discuss travel vaccination options with one of our Doctors. In some cases it is a mandatory  that you receive certain vaccines like yellow fever prior to entering some countries. Also in many cases ,it is recommended to have malaria prophylaxis to protect you from the infection if traveling to some areas where malaria is common. Our doctors can organize these things for you and provide further advice if More

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Mental Health

With a special training in mental health, approved by medicare , the doctors at Lowndes street clinic can help you with a variety of mental health problems such as: Depression Anxiety and panic disorders Post traumatic stress disorder adjustment disorder bipolar disorder schizophrenia alcohol and substance abuse insomnia The doctors can provide you with a professional advice about the possible diagnosis and the treatment options whether this is counseling , medical treatment or referrals to the appropriate specialists and then ensure close monitoring and follow up according to your needs. If needed, the doctors can also prepare a suitable mental More

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Aged Care

Medical care of the older persons can be quite challenging , whether this is at home or at any of the residential aged care facilities. Our doctors at the Lowndes Street Clinic have the passion to work with the elderly providing them appropriate care of the highest standards regardless of where they are living. Our aim is to improve the quality of life by optimizing the care to support living at home and if needed , we continue to provide this care in the residential aged care facilities. Our doctors provide regular visits to most of the aged care facilities in More

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Men’s Health

At the Lowndes street Clinic we understand that men have unique needs especially when it comes to their health and the way health services are provided. We provide the following Men’s Health services : Comprehensive annual male health checks Full health assessment for patients between 45-50 years old. Prostate disorders & Prostate Cancer Testing Cardiac risk assessment Erection & Ejaculation problems Skin Checks Diabetes Management Genital wart treatment Testosterone and other hormonal problems Testicular Cancer Testing

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