Family & Children’s Care

As a family practice, the health and well being of the whole family is the essence of our care.

Family Health

Our services involves the physical, mental, emotional, social, and behavioral aspects of your family members. We are dedicated to providing your family with professional holistic quality healthcare.

Children Health

Prevention and promotion in the early years, is important for the individual’s lifelong health and wellbeing. Therefore regular doctor visits for screening tests, early detection & early intervention of illness and management of any other conditions helps the normal growth of the child into a healthy functional adult.

Children services include :

  • Childhood  immunizations and catch up vaccines.
  • Developmental assessments, 4 years old/ preschool assessment.
  • Mental health screening for the children and adolescents for anxiety and depression.
  • Screening for autistic spectrum and attention deficit (ADHD) disorders.
  • Check up and treatment of common childhood infections and other health problems.
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