Appointments & Billing :

  • Indicate clearly the name of the patient to be seen and Doctor of preference.
  • Where possible, plan your appointment ahead of time, especially for scripts and non urgent appointments;  a long appointment may be necessary for – new patients, minor surgical procedure, insurance examinations, complex medical problems, women’s health checks, first pregnancy visits, six week mother and baby checks, emotional and multiple problems all require extra time.  Please let us know if you require a long appointment.
  • When patients are bulk billed, account information is sent to Medicare, which is in the form of item numbers only.  Private consultations/vaccinations/medicals must be paid for on the day.
  • Any Eftpos and cheque payments incur a transaction fee . New Workcover accounts must be paid for on the day by the patient if not already pre-arranged and approved by their employer.  Medicare not covering the cost of items such as dressings or plasters and patients may need to pay for these items on the day of consultation.
  • We currently send reminder sms to all patients 1 day before your booked appointment, So make sure we have your updated mobile number if you would like to receive these reminders.
  • Cancellation of appointments – require two (2) hours notice, otherwise a fee of $30 will be incurred.  A fee of $30/$60(standard/long consult) is also incurred for missed appointments.  These fees must be paid prior to booking further appointments.
  • If you need to be seen urgently, please inform the Medical Receptionist.  We provide on the day appointments for emergencies ( When possible).
  • Medicare, Healthcare, Pension and Veteran’s Affairs cards must be brought to each visit.
  • If a patient has a severe rash or severe cough please inform the Medical Receptionist so we can arrange for you to wait away from other patients.

Private fees:

Fees will be charged & paid on the day of appointment.

Short consult < 10 minutes   fee $67.60 ($37.60 rebate)

Long consult < 20 min   fee  $122.80 ($72.80 rebate)

Skin check consult fee is $120-130($72.80 rebate) .

All procedures & dressings will attract a private fee/ gap based on the time/consumables needed .

Health assessments (items 703-705)/ Care plans (items 721,723,732) are bulk billed.

Mental health plan (item 2715) will incur a gap of $30.

Pt need to have a linked bank account to Medicare to have  rebate returned to account almost straightaway. IF they don`t have one, they will take receipt to Medicare/online  to claim it.

bulk billing is available to patients who hold valid pension & concession cards ( including DVA), and children under 16 years.

After Hours:

For urgent medical attention after hours, please phone Lowndes Street Clinic on 5443 5117 for details on the On-Call Doctor, as name of the clinic and phone number will be given for you to contact. After hour private fees may apply.

** Remember: If it is an emergency, call 000 for an Ambulance

Repeat Prescriptions:

One of the services we offer our patients is the ability to phone the clinic to request a repeat prescription for regular medication that does not require a review.

When you phone the clinic please have the name of the medication and dosage so our telephone staff can submit an accurate script request for our doctors to check and complete.

Please allow at least 3 days for non-urgent script requests to be processed. Repeat prescriptions are normally charged at a nominal fee of $10.00.  Patients who require their prescriptions written urgently are charged $15.00.

Patient requests for prescriptions are sent to our doctor’s using the Medical director secure messaging system. This allows staff to link the request to the patient which allows the doctor to automatically open the correct patient’s file. Details of the request are automatically entered into the progress notes. Your doctor can then review your notes if required.

We ask our patients to call during working hours if they would like to request a repeat prescription.

Please note restricted medications like opiods,anxiety& sleeping tablets or medications that require Medicare authority approval cannot be written without an appointment.


Recall System:

This system is in place for a variety of health services.  Please let the doctor know if you do not wish to receive recall letters/ phone calls.  Please discuss with the Doctor how you are to receive your results.  Patients that are on the Discuss and Return Urgently List will be called to make an appointment.

Patient Results:

To ascertain whether the Doctor requires you to return for an appointment regarding pathology/radiology tests, please call between 1:00 -2:00pm ONLY and speak to the Medical Receptionist.

Home Visits:

Home visits will be available to those too ill or frail to attend the practice, within a reasonable geographical distance, depending on the availability of the doctor.  Please book these as far in advance as possible.

Telephone Messages:

Messages will be taken by the Medical Receptionists and relayed to the Doctor.  In emergencies, please be clear and precise about the nature of the problem.


Referrals must be discussed with the Doctor and cannot be ordered over the phone.

Medical Records:              

We use a computerized medical record system into which your clinical notes are documented, results downloaded through a secure site and all other documents are scanned.  Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times by the Doctors and staff.

Transfer of Medical Records:

Transfer of previous records from another surgery can be arranged by completing and signing a Medical Release Form at this surgery.  All patients 16 years and over must sign the release, which must be done at this surgery.  The Medical Receptionist will arrange this for you.  If you require the transfer of your medical records from this Clinic to another medical practice there will be a fee for this service, which is $10 for preparing a CD of your medical history or the cost of printing  if applicable based on your record size.

Access to Patients Own Medical Records Information:

If a patient requests a copy of their results, letters, history, etc., they need to formally request this form from the Doctor during their consultation or through Reception staff who will then discuss this with the Doctor.  Once approved by the Doctor, and the form is signed by the patient, they must then come into the Clinic and personally collect a copy of their history, which may incur a fee if it is for a full record.

Patient Feedback:

Occasionally, patients are asked to complete a questionnaire about the practice in an endeavour to improve services.  This is voluntary and confidential and part of the process of Vocational Registration and General Practice Accreditation.

IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT, SUGGESTION OR A COMPLIMENT,we would like to hear from you by email or via our website contact form.  WE APPRECIATE YOUR FEEDBACK.

Practice Accreditation:

On the day of Accreditation Survey Visit you may be asked for your consent for the surveyors to view your files.  This is voluntary and confidential.

Medical Students:

As a teaching clinic, medical students may be attending the consultations for observation and sometimes assisting the GPs.  Please let the reception staff or your doctor know if you prefer the students not attending your consultation.

Interpreter Services:

Please speak to the Medical Receptionist if you need to book an interpreter for a patient’s appointment.