Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancers and one of the most aggressive cancers in general because it can spread through the blood stream throughout the body, sometimes quite early before they are even diagnosed.

Therefore, it is essential to diagnose and treat very early (before the cancer cell can grow deep enough to start spreading) usually by cutting it out with a big safe margin around it to ensure no cancer cells are left behind ( safe margin varies between 5-20 mm depending on the depth of the diagnosed melanoma).

It can be quite difficult for the naked eye to spot or diagnose a melanoma unless it is big or advanced, hence comes the role of  dermoscopic examination and dermoscopic photography which can catch the fine details of moles and give very early clues of the suspicious ones of being an early melanoma , it also offers a chance to record  photos to follow up later for any change , and of course this reduces the number of the moles that are unnecessarily removed.

Dr Georgeos has received his deromoscopy training through the Skin cancer college Australasia and uses some of the most advanced dermoscopy & photography equipment to assist in the early detection of potential melanomas and follow up of suspicious moles.

To find out more about melanomas and to calculate your risk of developing skin cancer, please visit  the skin cancer college page, and remember Low risk does not mean No risk, ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR SKIN, SCAN IT ONCE A YEAR AND SEE THE DOCTOR FOR  A ONCE OFF SKIN CHECK .