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Emily Roberts Pharmacy

Opening Hours : MON- FRI : 9am -6pm ,   SAT :  9am-12pm. Emily Roberts Amcal Pharmacy is located in front of the clinic. The pharmacy provides a variety of services in collaboration with the clinic so that our patients can receive the best medical care and follow up. A special service the pharmacy provides is ” Home Medication Review “ : With a referral from one of our doctors , the pharmacist will come to your home, review your medication regimen, and provide a report to the doctor who will then work with you, your pharmacist, and possibly other members More

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Dorevitch Pathology

Opening Hours : MON & WED   : 9am -12pm . Onsite pathology collection for most of the requested investigations is both very essential and convenient for patient care and provides fast access to results which assists in early diagnosis and management of many health conditions. To check the results of investigations requested by our doctors please call the clinic between 1-2 pm. ECG Testing available.

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Aged Care

Medical care of the older persons can be quite challenging , whether this is at home or at any of the residential aged care facilities. Our doctors at the Lowndes Street Clinic have the passion to work with the elderly providing them appropriate care of the highest standards regardless of where they are living. Our aim is to improve the quality of life by optimizing the care to support living at home and if needed , we continue to provide this care in the residential aged care facilities. Our doctors provide regular visits to most of the aged care facilities in More

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